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Think Piece Series

Below you will find the Anzac Centenary Think Piece Series; short discussion articles written by South Australian, veterans, defence personnel, military historians, authors, academics, educators, and journalists all who have a particular interest and/or expertise in the Anzac Centenary and in Australia’s military history.

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Thu 23 April:   Brigadier Tim Hanna –  We Must Remember Them

Thu 30 April:   Sir Eric Neal – Lest We Forget

Thu 7 May:       Lt Col David McCammon – Who Did You Remember On Anzac Day?

Thu 14 May:     Dr Susan Neuhaus – Women Need Not Apply

Thu 21 May:     Robert Kearney – Suspension of Arms

Thu 28 May:    WO1 Colin Watego – Warrior Spirit as one with Anzac Spirit

Thu 4 June:      Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare – We Did Not Fight Alone

Thu 11 June:     Darren Peters – Stories You Need To Tell

Thu 18 June:     Major Sally Heidenreich – How Military Service Has Changed

Thu 25 June:     Barry Presgrave – Never Forget Our Service

Thu 2 July:        Christeen Schoepf – Before the Poppy: Violets for Remembrance

Thu 9 July:        David Everitt – With Thanks To Our Quiet Achievers

Thu 16 July:       Adam Paterson – The Royal Australian Navy and Gallipoli

Thu 23 July:      Colonel C.P. Moore – Colours of Courage

Thu 30 July:      Dr Christopher Verco –  SA Medical Practitioners & Medical Students who served in WWI

Thu 6 August:    James Hurst – The Charge at the Nek

Wed 12 August:   Bill Corey – I’m just Bill

Thu 13 August:   Dr Nigel Starck – Victory in the Pacific

Thu 20 August:  Stephen Lewis – Air Ace Bob Cowper – just another ordinary bloke?

Thu 27 August:  Dr John Weste – Germans in SA: interning enemy aliens 

Thu 3 September: Janice Pavils – From Obelisk to Dardanelles Cenotaph

Thu 10 September: Steve Larkins – Every corner of the globe.

Thu 17 September: Group Captain, Ross Bender – Battle of Britain defining today’s RAAF

Thu 24 September: Michael Coligan – From footy field to battlefield. 

Thu 1 October: Graham Cornes OAM – Why did they have to die?

Thu 8 October: Colonel Peter Scott DSO, (Rtd) – Recalling 3RAR in the Korean War

Thu 15 October: Professor Annette Summers AO RFD – Remembering our medical heroes

Thu 22 October: Dr Claire Woods – Defying the odds: Looking to the future. 

Thu 29 October: Calli Morgan – Time to Remember our Servicewomen

Thu 5 November: Catherine Manning – South Australia’s Home front History.

Thu 12 November: Lieutenant Colonel Graham Goodwin – Reflections on Remembrance

Thu 19 November:  Dr Azer Banu Kemaloğlu – The power of personal stories to transgress hostilities of the past

Thu 26 November: Graham Parks – What is commemoration?

Thu 3 December: Julia Langrehr – Mateship remains central to the RSL

Thu 10 December: Kim Philips – The Last Man

Thu 17 December: Rodney Beams – The last thing on their minds

Thu 24 December: Mark Bourchier – Missing from the Christmas table. 

Thu 31 December: Chris Burns CSC – A Century of Australian Military Service in the Middle East


Thu 7 January: Helen Adamson – The War Widows’ Guild of SA turns 70.

Thu 14 January: Robert Black AM RFD – Legacy in the Centenary of ANZAC

Thu 21 January: Robert Jarrad – A time for family reflections

Thu 28 January: Andrew Piper – Can you give me information concerning my son?

Thu 4 February: Ray Kemp – Our Remarkable Silent Anzacs

Thu 11 February: Moose Dunlop OAM – Why so many ancillary ex-service organisations?

Thu 18 February: Bob Macintosh AFC OAM – We must find a way to lasting peace

Thu 25 February: Ian Shaw – Through my Grandmother’s Eyes

Thu 3 March:  Lachlan Clyne – Unley’s Own at The Windmill, Pozieres

Thu 10 March: Dr Barbara Orchard – Our WWII Servicewomen

Thu 17 March: Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard – Mateship Across the Generations

Thu 24 March: Don Longo – The Great War and Rural SA

Thu 31 March: Mrs Lan Le – Telling our home front stories is important

Thu 7 April: David Faber – The Anzac tradition and dissent

Thu 14 April: Dr Claire Woods – A unique Game of Football: the tradition continues. 

Thu 21 April: Lieutenant Colonel Graham Goodwin – It’s just a biscuit

Thu 28 April: Keith Harrison – Torrens – A special precinct

Thu 5 May: Lieutenant Colonel Jack Gregg – Empathy – a hallmark of Australia’s Defence service style

Thu 12 May: Martin Bayer – Do Mention the War! A German Perspective

Thu 19 May: Brad West – How to remember the Vietnam War?

Thu 26 May: Group Captain Greg Weller – Remembering our Unsung Heroes

Thu 2 Jun: Kevin Jones – Making the choice to stay home

Thu 9 Jun: LTCOL Jimmy Passan – India’s unsung heroes acknowledged at last

Thu 16 Jun: Peter FitzSimons – A salute to ‘Boss’

Thu 23 Jun: Lt Melanie Fuller – The puzzle of a family military history

Thu 30 Jun: Heidi Van Gerwin – War stories inspired Adelaide’s Flanders Field Poppy Trail

Thu 7 Jul: Barbara Orchard – Food for Thought

Thu 14 Jul: Elena Govor – Russian Anzacs in South Australia

Thu 21 Jul: Christophe de Nijs – Belgians and Australians; rediscovering our shared history. 

Thu 28 Jul: Louise Bagger – When a picture paints 1000 words

Thu 4 Aug: Christine Rothauser – The Great War; causes and concequences – a personal view. 

Thu 11 Aug: Mike von Berg – In the War Engine Room

Thu 18 Aug: Jean Debelle – Caring for the Long Tan wounded

Thu 25 Aug: Fred Fairhead – Long Tan with the benefit of hindsight

Thu 1 Sep: Pamela Schulz – How the Anzac tradition gave a little ‘new Australian’ girl a chance

Thu 8 Sep: Howard Hendrick – Father and Son

Thu 15 Sep: Neil Wilson – The Lonely ANZAC

Thu 22 Sep: Phil Mason – In recognition of the Merchant Navy

Thu 29 Sep: Helen Meyer – Sandy Palmer died today. 

Thu 6 Oct: Rachel Harris – The Home Front’s Forgotten Women

Thu 13 Oct: Prof. Melanie Oppenheimer – After the war…what happens?

Thu 20 Oct: The Hon. Leesa Vlahos MP – PTSD – then and now

Thu 27 Oct: Elizabeth Ho OAM – History; a window on the truth

Thu 3 Nov: Michael Von Berg MC OAM – Indigenous Brothers in Arms

Thu 10 Nov: Group Captain Phil Champion – The Unknown Soldier

Thu 17  Nov: Paul Sykes – The Family Never Forgets

Thu  24 Nov: Chantelle Graham – Hallowed ground

Thu 1 Dec: Jennifer Dowling – I just wanted to be there

Thu 8th Dec: Andrew Natale – Digging deeper

Thu 15 Dec: Simon Kelly – Return to Country

Thu 22 Dec: Rob Manton – Spare a thought


Thu 5 Jan: Graeme Buchan – A 5th Pioneer Battalion legacy at Pompoota

Thu 12 Jan: Colleen Haskett-Buchan – Remembering My Grandfather – an early advocate for Veterans

Thu 19 Jan: Chantelle Graham – More than a simple animal

Thu 26 Jan: Bill Denny – Finding Michael

Thu 2 Feb: WGCDR Bob Macintosh AFC, OAM – When is a war not a war?

Thu 9 Feb: Michael Wohltmann – German-Australians in the Great War

Thu 16 Feb: Dr Nigel Starck – Cartoonist of the ‘Death Railway’

Thu 23 Feb: Brigadier Laurie Lewis AM (Retd) – Missing mates

Thu 2 Mar: Lauren Hadaway – From a daughter’s Perspective

Thu 9 Mar: Rob Manton – Drop the ‘D’

Thu 16 Mar: Bill Hignett – Remembering David Paterson

Thu 23 Mar: Chantelle Graham – Who is worthy?

Thu 30 Mar: Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) Tracy Smart AM – The Spirit lives

Thu 6 Apr: The Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP – The Closet of Calls

Thu 13 Apr: Ian Smith – Why do you march?

Thu 20 Apr: Captain Sharon Mascall-Dare – In Turkey the call it Abide

Thu 27 Apr: Sapper Curtis McGrath OAM – DUSTOFF

Thu 4 May: Sharon Cleary – Bulletproof

Thu 11 May: Professor Peter Monteath – Roland Carter in the Great War

Thu 18 May: Andrea Gerrard – The Headstone Project

Thu 25 May: James Hurst – The Cods

Thu 1 Jun: Group Captain Greg Weller – Recalling the lesser known Indigenous War-time legacy

Thu 8 Jun: John Thorne ESM – National Servicemen Memorial

Thu 15 Jun: The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson AO – For we are young and free

Thu 22 Jun: Flight Lieutenant Paul Dare – Being left behind

Thu 29 Jun: Harjit Singh – A son of Australia

Thu 6 Jul: Charlotte Matthias – Why do we commemorate?

Thu 13 Jul: Caitlin Ward – Getting lost on the roads

Thu 20 Jul: MAJ Clare O’Neill – Defining the Contemporary Veteran

Thu 27 Jul: Brigadier Mick Burgess – The stories of heroes

Thu 3 Aug: Dr John H Newton – The view from the Principal’s study

Thu 10 Aug: Hayley Boswell – From a Partner’s Perspective

Thu 17 Aug: Darren Paech – Anzac Day – A personal perspective

Thu 24 Aug: Paul Flynn – Hope and Healing Underpinned by Research

Thu 31 Aug: Pat Beale – What was Amiens?

Thu 7 Sep: Dr Helen Donovan – Effective support for stress illness

Thu 14 Sep: Melanie Fuller – Still following the Sapper

Thu 21 Sep: Dr Romain Fathi and Dr Annmarie Reid – Looking for traces of the First World War: The South Australians in France Project

Thu 28 Sep: Brenton Ragless – Train of thought

Thu 5 Oct: Chantelle Graham – Extended Family

Thu 12 Oct: Ben Parkinson – Continuing to Serve

Thu 19 Oct: Rob Manton – Honouring those who served

Thu 26 Oct: Paula Dabovich – People paused to think

Thu 2 Nov: Simon Kelly – That great victory

Thu 9 Nov: Chantelle Graham – Stop and remember


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